Francesca Cavicchi

I'm Francesca Cavicchi, I'm 31 years old and I'm the Founder of the Francine brand. During the quarantine of March 2020 I read many articles and blogs on the beauty world and among these I was immediately intrigued by those that talked about the benefits of silk as a product for skin and hair care. I tried to delve deeper into the topic and discovered a world that is still little known in Italy. Taking care of yourself is essential, especially during the hectic times we are experiencing. I want every person who uses Francine products to feel special, loved and pampered. The silk used for Francine Hair Care products is 100% natural and OEKO-TEX® certified.
Everyone has always had a favorite part of their body. My? Hair. Since I was a child I have taken care of them and I liked playing with my mother and grandmother's products and oils. When you take care of a part of your body you feel better right? Here I have continued this passion until today where I decided to make it a job. In a difficult economic moment like the one we are going through, I wanted to strengthen the potential we have in Italy which is very often underestimated and sometimes obscured. All product fabrics and materials used are carefully selected to give the customer the best quality of natural silk.
Francine is an idea born during a difficult period of 2020 for the whole world, COVID-19. Quarantine can lead to making choices. Mine was to follow my heart and the dream of being able to turn my passion into a job. I have always followed beauty trends from all over the world and the use of cutting-edge ingredients, perfumes and packaging have always fascinated me.