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                Francine Hair Care
                I'm Francesca Cavicchi, I'm 32 years old and I'm the Founder of the Francine brand. Francine Hair Care is your beauty guide to the benefits of silk. We are here to assist you and guide you on your wellness, self care and mind care journey that starts from your dreams at night and develops into your daily life. Our accessories and products for skin and hair care are specific to solve and prevent some of the most common problems such as: pillow wrinkles, small imperfections on the face and frizzy hair. Taking care of yourself is essential, especially during the hectic times we are experiencing. I want every person who uses Francine products to feel special, loved and pampered. The silk used for Francine Hair Care products is 100% natural and OEKO-TEX® certified.


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                The new line of hair products

                The new line of hair products

                Francine Haircare presents the new line of ERI silk protein-based products
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