Silky and Salty Summer

The collaboration between Femme and Francine is a unique and stimulating combination that unites our passions and ideas.
This special partnership is based on mutual trust and sharing a common vision: passion for your projects and the desire to see them grow.
Our brands, despite having their own identity and history, have found a creative way to join forces and work together.
The synergy between Francine and Femme creates an opportunity for mutual growth and success, where we both support each other.

The choice to undertake this collaboration was born not only from the bond of friendship but also from the desire to combine quality products and promote Made in Italy of which the two brands are faithful supporters.
The combination of silk, a precious and quality material, by Francine and eco-sustainable lycra by Femme gives rise to perfect outfits for the beach, with colors that match each other perfectly.
This collaboration is the result of mutual respect that we hope you will enjoy as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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